Follow a Set Nutritional Plan and See Success!

Follow a Set Nutritional Plan and See Success!

Let us handle the meal planning for you

Did you know that what you feed your body actually influences your weight more than exercise? That’s why MimsFit places equal importance on both wellness and nutrition. Your body needs certain foods to fuel it and promote better health. We’ll consult with you to identify the best method of eating for your body type, and ensure that your diet promotes overall health and wellness in conjunction with your exercise routine.

Mistie personally comes up with recipes to complement your workouts, and creates a meal plan to serve as a guideline for healthy eating. Get in touch with MimsFit to start the nutritional planning process.

Extreme diets don’t give you what you need to function on a daily basis, much less what you need to get through a workout. That’s why many people don’t see significant weight loss with diets and give up. MimsFit will teach you a new way to view food, and teach you to eat mindfully. We’ll provide customized meal plans and recipes that will promote overall health and wellness. These meals will also give you the energy you need to power through your customized wellness plan.

By changing your relationship with food and making a few simple changes, you’ll find you’re suddenly fitter and healthier than ever before! Let MimsFit show you how it’s done.