Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

Meet Your Health and Wellness Coaches

Let MimsFit provide assistance to your workplace wellness!

At MimsFit we will customize a workplace wellness plan based on a companies needs and wants while working with your budget. We pride ourselves on taking the workplace wellness out of the hands of your employees and place them into our hands. When you invest in your employees, they will invest in you.

Workplace Wellness can motivate employees to change unhealthy behaviors. Employees can and do become more self-directed and empowered when their employers make healthy choices the easiest choices. Workplace Wellness is a guide for business' who want to decrease health care cost, as they improve employee productivity, satisfaction, and health conditions. A healthy, engaging, thriving workforce is essential to maximize business performance. Our programs can be tailored to the demographic and lifestyle characteristics of each company's culture. Turn to MimsFit for a little extra help! We strive to help provide workplace wellness. Some benefits of workplace wellness are:

•Helping healthy employees stay that way
•Keeping other employees' condition from getting worse
•Creating a supportive and enjoyable work environment
•Improving employee recruitment and retention
• Raising employee morale
• Reducing Health Care Costs
• Decreasing absenteeism due to sick leave, disability claims, and workers' compensation
• Increasing performance of employees whose health issues make them perform below par.
• Sharpen employees focus and engagement

Jaysun and Mistie do all of this and so much more to help provide a workplace of wellness. Learn more about what we can do for your workplace by getting in touch with MimsFit.

Get workouts tailored to your personal needs

Your body has its own unique needs, and a cookie cutter workout plan isn't necessarily going to work for it. That's where MimsFit comes in. We have spent more than three decades working in the health and wellness industry. It's our job to identify what your body needs for long-term success, and we'll customize your wellness routine and help make your workplace a healthy place.

Tell us about your past wellness experience and your healthy hopes for the future, and our team will work with you to reach them, one day at a time. Call MimsFit to discuss your wellness goals with one of our knowledgeable trainers.

Eat to promote long-term health and wellness

Most people who try and fail to lose weight generally fail because they neglect to pay attention to both diet and exercise. The truth is, you need to pay attention to both in order to see any results. Don't just choose one or the other, get the assistance you need to manage wellness and nutrition with MimsFit.

Part of our packages include nutritional recipes to reach your overall wellness. Our team will help you to create a custom nutrition plan, providing guidelines and encouragement every step of the way as you make the journey toward a healthier you! Get started by reaching out to MimsFit.

The right fit: MimsFit can tailor a corporate wellness program to meet clients' needs

The right fit: MimsFit can tailor a corporate wellness program to meet clients' needs

On a spring-like day, six women gathered at a parking lot north of Streeter Brothers Insurance after completing a moderately paced walk that circled the campus of Billings Clinic.

Wellness instructor Jaysun Mims backed his black SUV into a parking lot, left the tailgate open and cranked up the tunes on the stereo. As Mims handed out resistance bands, the women went to work on toning their arms. First came the biceps curls. Then, as Mims provided pointers on posture and the proper grip, each woman anchored the elastic band with a foot and started counting out triceps presses. "Keep that core nice and tight," Mims said, his voice booming across the parking lot. "Good job! Breathe in. Exhale. Now squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze!" he said.

"When I count it down, we're going to take this a little faster," Mims continued. "Hit those triceps. Keep those elbows in and press it up. We're gonna push! Push! Push!"

"He always loses count," Paula Vigus deadpanned as Mims seemed to be repeating a few numbers on the way to the last repetition.

Class participants say the exercise has paid off.

"I feel better," said Grace DeLong, a regular in the exercise group. "I've noticed that I can do things I couldn't do before. Jaysun always challenges us, and I always look forward to Tuesday."