Community Events

MimsFit keep tracks of community events and will organize your teams. Example: Women’s Run, Walk MS, Relay for Life, Heart and Soul, etc.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers

MimsFit can bring Weight Watcher’s to the organization throughout the year, depending on if there are enough employees interested in joining. Organization’s need a minimum of 12-15 employees to start a class. Some organizations pick up a portion of the fee for the classes.

Guest Speakers

MimsFit can organize to have guest speakers come to the organization. We can arrange for speakers to come in based on the needs and wants of the organization. For example: Stress Management, Age Management when dealing with hormones.

Motivational Speaking

Jaysun Mims is an exceptional motivational speaker. He has presented at several community events. He can provide speaking engagements to motivate your employees to stop focusing on their problems, limitations, and start focusing on their strengths.