What do you recommend for calorie intake, grams of carbs, proteins and fats?

This is all based on what your trying to accomplish or what is your goal?
Are you trying to gain muscle mass, gain lean muscle, maintain your current weight or lose weight? This is where we tailor your intake based on each individual’s goal, there is no one set formula for every person.

What kind of wellness coaching do you do when you are working with employees at a business?

We do coaching on lowering their stress levels, eating healthy, getting away from their desks, standing more when they are at their desks, packing a healthy lunch, not eating lunch every day at their desks, walking during their lunch break, having a positive mind set, stop drinking pop, quit smoking, losing weight, gaining muscle, workout routines, getting enough sleep, positive behaviors in the workplace, controlling alcohol consumption, stop eating junk food and much more.

What time of the day is the best to work out?

This is based on what time of the day is the most convenient for you and you know when you can commit to a work out. A lot of times we set ourselves up for failure by trying to workout at a time that just does not fit into our schedules, so you start making excuses and end up not following through with it.