I wanted to share how much I have enjoyed working with Jaysun and Mistie over the course of the past 3 years. I'm currently an employee of Avitus Group who utilizes MimsFit for our company wellness program and I believe MimsFit is one of the best perks of my job! They are very knowledgeable while being encouraging and supportive of my efforts to get myself back into shape. Anyone who has the fortune to cross paths with these two will be a better person for it! Love MimsFit!!

Kristin S.

Mistie and Jaysun are patient, and sincere in their desire to help you get as fit as you want. They are there through the successes and failures, offering moral support, sage advice, and high fives. I now consider them great friends, and the best decision I ever made in my life when I said yes to their offer of help.

Robert L.

They are the best!!!!!!!!!! I cannot find words to describe this team! they are one of a kind in all aspects always checking up on you and encouraging you to stay in path!!!! Love you guys!!! hope to see you soon!!

Suavecito F.

The "Mims Team" does a great job of inspiring me to take better care of myself and work on positive change. They really care and are fantastic to work with. I enjoy it every time we meet.

Dan J.

Jayson and Mistie Mims are two inspirational health experts who motivate you towards success. Their constant follow-up keeps you on track and assists in re-evaluating where you are and what you need to adjust to reach your individual goals. They are a great team!!

Trudi C.

Mistie and Jaysun have been so supportive and encouraging. They have also kept me grounded and realistic about my goals, which has been the key to staying on track!

Shelby S.

Mistie has been excellent to work with! Her consistent check-ins and challenges keep you motivated to continue working on your goals and really make them a lifestyle rather than a few weeks program. I've never felt more determined to reach my fitness goals! And I can really see and feel the results thanks to her continued support and tips.

Xiomara P.

Love working with Jaysun and Mistie. They have been awesome at helping us stay motivated, providing tips, and checking on us. I am so grateful for this benefit offered to us. Highly recommended

Kyle R.

It has been great working with Mistie. She has provided support, resources, motivation and encouragement to help me achieve my fitness goals. Thank you Mims Fit!

Rosalinda G.

This couple is one of the most generous , caring and just over the top amazing to work with. They will help you with whatever goal you are trying to achieve and are very supportive. I love working with Jaysun and Mistie!!

Chantee B.

Mims Fit heads the Wellness Program where I work and they continually and diligently work to coach us and challenge us to obtaining better health and fitness in our lives. I would definitely recommend them to everyone seeking help with anything "wellness" related!

Susie H.

My personal experience working with Jaysun and Mistie for these couple years has been super awesome. They are THE BEST in the fitness service provider world.


I know I would not have achieved the level of fitness and wellness without the personal attention of Mistie Mims. She is very encouraging, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Mistie in a heartbeat.

Rani P.

Jaysun and Mistie are a pleasure to work with! They're very knowledgeable, encouraging, and the best wellness coaches! For me personally, they've helped me adopt the keto lifestyle after I was diagnosed with carbs-intolerance. It was a hard adjustment for me and it was great having a personal cheerleader!

Ashlee L.

I remember when I barely drank 1 glass of water a day. I wasn't moving on a regular basis, and I certainly didn't eat right. I would start my day with Pepsi to get me going. But I wanted to feel better about myself, and of course get that extra day of PTO!! My first goal wasn't perfect, but the encouragement I got from MimsFit to keep trying and celebrate each small change I made, was just what I needed. I kept trying. Now, 2 1/2 years later and I am moving every hour and competing for the most steps with my friends and coworkers. I feel better and can't go a day without several glasses of water. Thanks Mistie for helping me celebrate every step and always remember we all slip- just keep trying.

Jessica H.

Jaysun and Mistie are the most beautiful people. They are the real thing. They both care so much about what they do. They are very positive and encouraging when working with you. They don't let you fail. They accommodate exercises, so you can succeed and perform to the best of your ability. They get to know you as a whole person. They truly want to help you in fitness and the most important thing is self confidence

Lisa W

Jaysun and Mistie bring a wealth of knowledge, energy, creativity, fun and enthusiasm to anyone they work with! They genuinely care about the overall health and well-being of their clients. I would highly recommend Mimsfit to anyone wanting to get healthy, stay healthy or train for specific goals! Jaysun and Mistie do not disappoint!

Chantel O.

I have worked directly with Mistie and Jaysun. They are two kind, caring people who can motivate you to do more than you ever thought possible. They were an inspirational part of my own health journey and I'm grateful for their encouragement, persistence and most of all friendship!

Tina P.

Jaysun and Mistie Mims got me in the best shape of my life at 40 years of age. In all my years of working out I have never been more motivated than I have by these two. Their charismatic personalities make you want to be around them.

Paul M.

Just knowing the family they will be great best of luck in your new venture !

Aritha E.

Bob and I have worked with Jaysun for 3 years......a great way to start the day at 6:30am. Jaysun understands who we are, pushes us and keeps us fit

Penni N.

I've never had more fun getting fit then I did with Jayson Mims hollering at me.

Jasey M.

I just wanted to take a quick minute and thank you for your newsletters. I love them, they are so informational and helpful. Most newsletters are boring and don't give you a whole lot of anything, yours are not that at all! I even print them out and put them on my fridge at home!

I can't thank you enough!!

Leah L.